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so cry yourself to sleep... this is about broken hearts

10 October 1984
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  • One8HundredCynce
accounting, afi, airplanes, alkaline trio, anything electronic, bank teller, banking, beer, being a mommy, black and white photography, black mascara, black t shirts, blue eyes, blue pens, blue tutus, bud light, burnt cds, cars, casket lottery, chocolate, classic cars, clear nail polish, cold stones, computers, corona, cute panties, dancing, diamonds, digicams, drinking, driving, driving fast, drums, drunken nights, dyed hair, emo glasses, eyeliner, fast cars, forehead kisses, friends, gay boys, get up kids, getting drunk, ginger ale, girls, guitars, gwen stefani, half naked, holding hands, hot pink, hot showers, hugs, jamba juice, jamie and danny, kissing in the rain, kitties, learning, leather, lesbians, lip gloss, live journal, loud bass, loud music, love, macaroni grill, marriage, math, midnight kisses, money, motorcycles, music, mustangs, my cell phone, no doubt, october 10, opal, painted toenails, pasta, pedicures, pedro the lion, personalized license plates, pickles, piercings, platforms, poetry, pomeranians, pregnancy, pregnant girls, pretty flowers, psychology, punk girls, rainbows, red, reel big fish, road trips, san diego, satin sheets, save ferris, scarfs, sexy pics, sexy shoes, sharing a bed, shoes, short hair, short stories, singing in the shower, sleeping in, sleeping in your arms, spikey hair, stomachs, sublime, surrogacy, taking back sunday, taking my vitamins, tan lines, tanning salons, tattoos, tequila, text messages, the beach, the beach at night, the faint, the valley, thongs, ties, toothbrushes, tori amos, trucks, voyeurism, wakeboarding, washington mutual, weezer, will and grace, your mom